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What role do we as designers play in shaping our future as cyborgs?

Cyborg-Centered Design

master thesis | design research | thesis , website, animation movie, talk | 2018


Rapid technological change can make future developments hardly calculable. Technology is becoming smaller, cheaper and is getting closer to the human body: We are turning into cyborgs. What role do we as designers play in shaping our future as cyborgs?

There are several definitions about — at which level people can be called: cyborgs. Its from wearing glasses over wearables and exoskeletons to implants. We came to the conclusion: it doesn’t matter if we are already cyborgs or not. The important thing is that we are in transition being more cyborg like. Thats why we are talking about the cyborgisation as a Process.


The initial theoretical discussion served as the basis for the precise definition of the topic: Through the social-theoretical and technological knowledge gained through specialized literature and interviews, the focus has been placed on implanted technologies. The development of a design solution based on an exemplary project in the context of the metabolic disease diabetes made it possible to make design-relevant statements.


The thesis is the theoretical part of the work: it covers a detailed examination of the human transformation to machine and the debate around this topic. This serves as the basis for future projects. The designed website and the introductory film should make designers aware of the topic’s relevance in hopes to inspire designers to deal with this topic. Furthermore, the terms Cyborg-Centered Design #CCD, Body User Interface #BUI and Internet of Cyborg #IoC were coined during this project. They are used to investigate which new challenges/questions designers will face when the body becomes the interface and the human being becomes the center of its networked environment.

Sharing data can strengthen personal connection.

Interaction surfaces can be attached nearby sensory organs.

Natural Stimuli can be boosted or expanded.

Objects in its environment can allow access.

Technology can display information directly on the body.

In an emergency, intelligent products can intervene automatically.

What challenges do employees face in the home office and how might we improve self-management?

Future Workscapes

student project | future concept | animation movie, concepts | 2017


Flexibly shaping working hours makes jobs more attractive to employees. A popular but not yet common concept is working from home. What challenges do employees face in the home office and how might we improve self-management?


At the beginning, in the problem-finding phase, interviews were conducted with experts as well as practitioners. How do they work out of office and which problems are they facing? In the subsequent evaluation, five problem areas have been identified. These form the basis of the resulting concepts as opportunity areas.


In the selected concepts, solutions were developed for the lack of communication at home and for preventing prejudice against colleagues working at home: The lack of office presence is compensated by the Office Twin, which transfers the working rhythm from home to the office. Halo/Lume is a silent representative in the office: it signals the start of work by lighting up and is also a means of communication. The Virtual Frame allows you to switch from the home to the office during breaks which allows for more frequent interactions to occur. The results were implemented as an animation movie.

What role does ultrasound technology play in the kitchen of the future?


student project | future concept | prototype product & interface, teaser & product movie | 2017


The project framework was defined by the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award: "Design for a seamless life" in the household of the future. Ultrasonic technology has so far only been used in industry and premium dining and formed the basis for the defined starting point: What role does ultrasound technology play in the kitchen of the future?


The theoretical research was conducted at a manufacturer of industrial equipment. In a sprint week, first assumptions and rough concepts were tested for their acceptance of the new technology and it’s relevance in everyday life. The concept which consisted of the product language and interaction principles were further refined prior to preparing the various prototypes and testings. Another key factor was the strategic planning of the product as a fictional startup.

Sprint week: Testing first rough concepts.

Stretegic plsnning: Business Model Canvas, financing and roadmap.

Prototyping: Form models and system design in the application test, development of the functional model.


The fuse is a kitchen appliance for the efficient, healthy and gentle preparation of food and the production of intense taste sensations. A sensor inside analyzes the content and proposes suitable options for the user. The components and various attachments can be easily connected by a rotary motion. The fuse is implemented prototypically. The product video conveys its functionality and interaction with the device. In addition, a teaser video is used to communicate the product and its context.

How can a dispatcher’s workplace be optimized?


bachelor thesis | expert system, workspace | user experience, interface | 2017


A dispatcher carries a great responsibility for people and technology in daily train operations: The dispatcher observes and controls an assigned section of the route. In particular, irregularities and disturbances are high stress situations: As a node and he must manually intervene in case these events occur on the tracks. The workplace currently has up to 10 screens. How can a dispatcher’s workplace be optimized? A special challenge will be to understand the system’s expertise and to simplify the complex work processes without losing functionality.


The work was created with the support of train dispatchers from the Munich operations center. By reconciling initial assumptions, it was possible to gain quick access to the problems and requirements of the dialogue group. In particular, weaknesses of the system were easily identified through interviews conducted with dispatchers just starting their careers . A crucial component of a Dispatchers role is their communication, in addition an inclusive analysis of their environment was also included. Initial solutions were implemented through prototypes, which were tested with the users and further developed iteratively.


Hint is a system for controlling and monitoring railway traffic, which supports the user with intelligent hints. The system is designed to reduce the current system of 10 monitors to a single widescreen monitor. The system components are based on the current system, but have been optimized through a redesign of the information architecture and a hierarchical restructuring of the elements based on user research. The dispatcher can assess situations quickly, take preventative measures and act safely in extreme situations.

How might we improve people's awareness of their health?


student project | future concept | prototype interface, product movie | 2015


Due to the lack of specialized doctors and nursing staff in rural areas, it is not possible to ensure equal health care nationwide. Consequently, one approach to relieving this issue in the health system is the early prevention of diseases. How might we improve people's awareness of their health?


In an analysis of one’s daily routine, going to the bathroom turned out to be a suitable environment for the integration of a health service. The focus of the project was on the interaction, the interface and the system environment. Various technologies were used to test the interactions the usability and interactions with a mirror. In the interface design, the focus was on the development of a rating system and its presentation.


Spheo is a concept designed to raise awareness of an individual’s health for the year 2020. The user receives detailed information on their health through an interactive mirror. Improvements and deteriorations are shown and the user receives tailored tips for long-term health improvement. It feeds the data from intelligent systems in the user's environment and integrates smoothly into their everyday life. The prototype can be controlled via Leap Motion and a soft-potentiometer activated by gesture and touch. Likewise, a voice control is being considered.

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